Our mission is to give a better option.

Offering a fully plant based menu on the edge of culinary innovation. Sure to spoil the vegan , and entice the non believer. While also providing premium Herbal essentials to support a sustainable lifestyle full of color, love, & Light. 

Hue Café & apothecary is an innovative approach to cultivate the relationship between plants and people. Using what nature provides to nourish your mind body soul & taste buds with bold flavors and herbal essentials.

Chef Aaron McNeill

A pioneer in the hospitality industry, serial entrepreneur, and loving family man.

With 20 years of experience in the Hospitality industry, Chef A not only knows his way around the kitchen. While working his way from busboy to Director of operations for legendary brands, such as Marriott USA, Bold Foods, & Darden. Chef A has seen the ins and outs of restaurant operations. He is now putting on the hat of a restaurateur to bring his love of food and service to the full experience from door to plate, as he teams up with his wife, Mama Hue, to open Hue Cafe & Apothecary. 

At the tender age of five, Chef A discovered his love of preparing food when he was given his first toy kitchen. While other little boys were playing catch, Chef A was whipping up meals in his play kitchen. It wouldn't be long before Chef A would turn this passion into his long career in culinary arts. Alongside his two decades of restaurant experience, Chef A has owned and operated Bold Catering since 2009. The company caters to small to large events while providing healthy and delicious menu options.

After his wife introduced their household to a more holistic lifestyle, Chef A capitalized on her knowledge and learned to incorporate new ways of enjoying fresh food, free of harsh chemicals and overly-processed ingredients. The duo became obsessed with eating their colors and BANG! HUE CAFÉ AND APOTHECARY WAS BORN

Owner Ejama

Mama Hue (Ejama McNeil) is a certified herbalist, doula, and nature-enthusiast.

Mama Hue's dedication to wellness has proved monumental in not only healing her loved ones, but many others in her community. Through her rigorous research and passion for health, the self-made woman birthed Hue Apothecary. Her organic approach to herbalism ensures that her offerings of customizable and unique herbal blends do not lose the authenticity that mass retailers are not always able to provide.

In June 2016, Mama Hue lost her mother. This tragic loss became a life-changing event for her family. Soon after, she began a year-long commitment to swap out processed foods for fruit and vegetables; and over-the-counter prescription drugs for holistic remedies. Her goal of transforming her families' bodies, along with herself, from the inside out led her to the study of the ancient art of herbal medicine. 

Mama Hue found herself under the teachings and mentorship of organic farmer and herbalist, Mary Blue, of Farmacy Herbs. It is through this guidance and training that Mama Hue discovered her life's work to embark on a mission to teach others how to repair the relationship between one's self and their body through her knowledge of the Earth and expertise in herbs. Understanding how foods and poisonous chemicals can impact our overall well-being and life expectancy is her top priority. She truly believes that the Earth provides all we need to live a bold and vibrant life. 

On any given day, you can find this self-proclaimed natural nurturer hiking, camping, and marveling at the wonders of nature with her husband and business partner, Aaron, and their five boys. If she is not outdoors connecting with nature, Mama Hue is sharing her warm spirit with her loved ones and anyone that she comes in contact with through a hearty embrace, contagious laugh or grounding presence.